Cheryl could be asked back for The X Factor reboot, apparently

 Cheryl could be asked back for The X Factor reboot, apparently

It’s been said that Cheryl could be in line to return to The X Factor if a reboot does indeed go ahead in 2022.

The talent show aired two special versions – Celebrity and The Band – in 2019 before bowing out altogether in 2020, and it won’t be back in 2021.

But Simon Cowell has been on record saying he hopes to revive it in a new, re-energised form next year; and the Daily Mirror reports that Cheryl could be offered a seat at the table.

Her name “has been brought up in talks”, their sources reckon.

“Cheryl is still very much in the Cowell fold. She trusts him and he enjoys working with her,” a sage insider said.

“He brought her back on TV with The Greatest Dancer and could do the same with the new series of X Factor.”

I mean those quotes sound a bit “yeah sure, why not, I dunno”, don’t they; but I can absolutely buy Cheryl being offered the spot if and when the show returns.

It’ll just be a question perhaps of whether or not she actually wants to, given that – and I say this as a fervent X Factor fan!! – the odds of this reboot actually being a smash hit must be pretty slim.

Also – JUST SAYING – late 2022 will also be Girls Aloud’s 10th anniversary. And I kinda hope she’ll be pre-occupied marking that in some way ?

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