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Breakfast Bops radio show returning for DELUXE FESTIVE EDITIONS

And your votes are required



Jingle, jingle! Electric Angels’ Breakfast Bops radio show is returning for some seasonal specials.

When we wrapped things up after a ten-week run during Lockdown 1.0, who’d have thought that things would continue be rough for the rest of 2020?! (Everyone. Everyone thought that.)

So, join us as we wrap up this abomination of a year with a few days of fEsTiVe FuN: Breakfast Bops will be back Monday-Thursday, 21-24 December from 9-11:30am.

You’ll be able to listen on the website here, and you can also use the free Radio FM app for iOS or Android. You can also listen via Alexa – click here. And if the website’s playing up, you can stream directly here.

Plus!!! After all the fun we had with Popstars Of The Century back in June, there’ll be another COUNTDOWN EXTRAVAGANZA on Bank Holiday Monday, 28 December, in which we count down the Singles of the Year – as voted for by you. We all love a year-end ranking, don’t we? So let’s put ALL OUR OPINIONS together. You can vote for that right now, here. The voting closes at midday on Sunday, December 27. If you need some inspiration, here’s my 237-song playlist of every good single I’ve been enjoying since January.

ALSO!!!! The Christmas Eve show will feature the announcement of the winners of the first Golden Bop Awards, celebrating the best of the year’s music. You can vote for those here (voting closes Tuesday at 11am).

Across the week, you can look forward to our usual trusted blend of bops, bangers and ballads from across the last few decades – encompassing well-known anthems and oft-forgotten treasures. The playlist that houses all 1000+ songs we played during the initial ten week run (except the ones that aren’t on streaming, obviously) is here.


Top 50 Girlband Singles: Vote now ahead of countdown special on Sunday

It’s all in support of Women’s Aid



The ol’ Electric Angels radio station is being dusted off again this Sunday for another countdown show – and this time, we’re looking at the Top 50 girlband singles of all time.

Yes, boybands have given us a lot of top-drawer pop over the years, but anyone who’s anyone knows its the all-female groups who have truly delivered in both musical excellence and pop cultural moments.

So what are the best girlband singles ever? Vote NOW ahead of the Top 50 reveal on Sunday morning, from 9am-12:45ish. Since the vote opened last weekend, it’s already become the biggest countdown survey we’ve ever done (beating Popstars of the Century, Singles of the Year 2020, and Top 50 Britney); and more than 400 different songs have already picked up votes.

You can vote for up to ten tracks in the special sliding-scale points system; and there are no restrictions on eras – you can go way back to the Supremes or the Ronettes; hark back to the 80s with Bananarama or 90s with TLC, Eternal and the Spice Girls; or dive into the 21st Century with Girls Aloud, The Saturdays, Destiny’s Child, Little Mix and countless others. It’s all up to you!

VOTE HERE (closes midday Saturday).

Sunday’s show will be in support of Women’s Aid, who support women and children nationwide who have been affected by domestic violence. You can get ahead of the game and donate now if you like – do so here.

Vote wisely! You’ll be able to listen to the show here on Sunday morning.

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Breakfast Bops: Who wants some DATA!

To quote Lolly, VIVA LA RADIO



Well, it’s been a fab 10 weeks doing the Breakfast Bops radio show on Electric Angels’ snazzy new station (which, by the way, is licensed for at least a year, so you certainly haven’t heard the last of it).

Monday-Thursday from April 6 to June 11, it was loads of fun to play you a couple of hours of bops, bangers and ballads; from notorious iconic faves to under-rated should-be-legends. I know Will also had a blast doing Friday Funks.

Now… who wants some STATS? Because I sure do love a good stat!!

Firstly, the songs: for license purposes, I had to keep track of every, er, track that was played… and I can tell you that – out of nearly 1,100 songs that were wheeled-out overall – Britney Spears was responsible for the most, with 25. Tina Turner was second, thanks to the Tina@10 segment, with 20 different songs of hers being aired.

Then came Girls Aloud with 19, Kelly Clarkson with 18, and Kylie Minogue and Whitney Houston with 17 apiece. Steps had 16, and in joint eighth place with 13 songs each: Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and The Saturdays. Beyoncé and the Spice Girls are the other two in double-digits: they had 11 tracks played each. No one song by any artist was ever played more than twice across the whole series.

Every song that I played (except the ones that aren’t available to stream, obviously) is on this hefty Spotify playlist. Martin Gallagher-Mitchell has also very kindly made the Apple Music equivalent here.

Now, to RATINGS!

I went in to this thinking it’d be good if I could keep the listenership in double-digits. In actual fact, the show very rarely went out of triple-digits, in terms of unique devices.

“Yes” (to quote Mary-Alice Young), over 2,800 different devices accessed the station across the 10 weeks (that’s with each device allegedly only being counted once, no matter how many times it tuned in – though I can’t say I fully understand how that works with cookies and IP addresses and such).

The ‘play’ button was hit a grand total of 18,831 times across all platforms (17,665 between the 39 eps of Breakfast Bops, and 1,176 between the eight eps of Friday Funks) – averaging 453 per show for Breakfast Bops, and 147 per show for Friday Funks.

Ratings generally slipped on Bank Holidays (Easter Monday was the second lowest-rated Breakfast Bops, and VE Day was the lowest-rated Friday Funks), which is why I decided to do Popstars of the Century on the second May Bank Hol. I figured if people wouldn’t be listening anyway, I may as well do something fun!

Well, imagine how gagged I was when that extremely ‘extra’ countdown actually ended up being the most listened-to broadcast of the lot. During the three-and-a-bit-hour special, the stream was accessed a whopping total of 943 times by 220 different devices. (NB – the gaps between the numbers of total streams and unique devices can be explained by page refreshes, people leaving and coming back, sometimes by the listener’s connection cutting out… that sort of thing).

Across the whole run, 91% of listeners were in the UK, and 65% were on smartphones. The show that had the highest average listening time, with 32 minutes per stream, was the finale on Thursday, June 11. The Popstars of the Century show had the highest peak (the amount of devices tuned-in at any one minute) – but the final episode on June 11 was a very narrow runner-up, with just 3 listeners separating them.

As for Friday Funks, the top-rated episode in terms of unique devices was on May 22; but the show that had the most total streams was the premiere on April 24. The penultimate episode, in which Will talked through Black musicians’ influence on the genre, had the best average listening time, with 24 minutes.

The podcast has also been going very well, with each new episode outperforming the last. I won’t deep-dive into that data now but the Saara Aalto episode was streamed hundreds of times in the first 24 hours alone, which was incredible.

You can see some charts below, if that’s your sort of thing.

(NB the ~special episodes were thus: Amy Studt on May 5, Jade Ewen on May 14, the akt tie-in on May 22, Popstars of the Century on May 25, and Saara Aalto on June 9).

So, in summary… thanks SO MUCH to all who listened. I can’t wait to come back and do some more stuff with the station in the months ahead.

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Electric Angels’ Breakfast Bops radio show to honour Black Out Tuesday

We’ll be off-air on Tuesday 2nd June



So, we were due to have a popstar guest on the radio show tomorrow (Tuesday, June 2) – but, quite rightly, she will be observing Black Out Tuesday and the #TheShowMustBePaused initiative – in which business as usual is being suspended across the music industry in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter.

As such, she has asked that we release her Q&A, on the show and on the podcast, next Tuesday (June 9) instead – which I am very happy to do.

Incidentally I’d also been reading up on #TheShowMustBePaused since we came off-air today, and I don’t think it’d feel appropriate for me, Privileged White Gay over here, to be blasting the feel-good tunes while such an important moment of reflection and action-planning is taking place.

So long story short, we will be totally off-air on Tuesday, June 2.

I personally will be taking the time to listen to more black voices, read more black perspectives, and do some proper research into where to continue to donate money going forward. FWIW I was directed to this resource pack here, which is super helpful, and there’s also lots on the Black Lives Matter website.

I’ll be back on-air Wednesday, 9-11am – although of course the fight for change and justice will go on for as long as it’s fucking necessary.

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