Shaun Kitchener

Scriptwriter for the theatre and TV (currently Hollyoaks) and freelance entertainment ~reportage.

Top 20 scripted TV shows of 2021

My movie-watching might have been crap in 2021 but lord I was SWIMMING in amazing telly, and this list below represents my very favourite stuff. Another shitshow of a year in The World but WHAT a year for small-screen excellence!!!! Honestly the rankings here are almost completely redundant, you could reshuffle them all completely and […]Read More

Top 25 albums of 2021

2021 has been written-off by many in terms of music-related thrills; but I’d argue that even though we were lacking in big A-list blockbusters compared to last year (Dua! Kylie! Gaga! Taylor x2! Rina!), we did still get lots of good stuff – and actually I think that’s more apparent with albums than it was […]Read More

Top 10 movies of 2021

I never normally keep the year-end film list down to a lean ten, but I only actually saw 18 new movies this year; and whilst very very few of them were outright misses, it felt better to just pick my absolute favourites rather than rank the lot. My previous year-end No1s:2017: The Florida Project [blog]2018: The Favourite […]Read More

Top 50 singles of 2021

Last week saw the second annual Electric Angels Singles of the Year survey, in which I was THRRRRILLED to see what everyone else has been loving this year. Now, it’s time for my own choices! This is my 14th annual year-end Top 50 (Christ), and I actually found it quite hard to compile this year, […]Read More

LIVE CHRISTMAS EVE: Singles Of The Year 2021

Prepare for high boppery: it’s time for the second annual Electric Angels SINGLES OF THE YEAR rundown, all morning on Christmas Eve. Hundreds of you voted, shitloads of songs were placed on the scoreboard… now it’s time to reveal what songs have made the cut. Use the below player to listen live, and tweet along […]Read More

LIVE SUNDAY: Top 40 Taylor Swift

This month’s poll takes a long, hard look at the 15-year-long discography of one Taylor Swift; using your votes to compile her all-time Top 40. (Electric Angels’ Version) (From The Vault). What will win out and be crowned No1? A megabop from 1989 or Reputation? A country-pop classic from The Younger Years? A wistful woodland […]Read More

Top 40 Little Mix: VOTE NOW in next radio countdown poll

As they mark their milestone 10th anniversary, what are Little Mix‘s best ever songs? They’ve put out six stellar studio albums, scored over 30 hit singles, and have countless fan-fave deep cuts. But what are their absolute mightiest tracks? Their very sweetest melodies? Over to you… We’ve done Britney, Kylie, solo Spice Girls and Girlband […]Read More