Ariana, Miley and Lana are just the TIP of a colossal New Music Friday iceberg

 Ariana, Miley and Lana are just the TIP of a colossal New Music Friday iceberg

What a blessed New Music Friday for multiple faves releasing new things!!! Granted, not a lot of it is slap-you-round-the-face-smash-you-in-the-balls career-best stuff, but we shall take our nice things wherever we can!

Firstly, and most obviously, Ariana Grande is joined by Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey for Don’t Call Me Angel, and it does feel like the latter two are jumping on an Ari song rather than an equal three-way collab, but it works. Lana feels – on paper at least – like an odd fit for these two anyway, so letting her do her thing on the middle-8 kinda makes sense. Miley has strong presence as well, and the video is great.

Nina Nesbitt has revived the turn-of-the-decade art of the Deluxe Edition album re-release, with her (v good) album The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change returning in November. Black & Blue is the single from it, and it may not re-invent the wheel but I, for one, am really enjoying this entire era. If nothing else, this song will make a great to soundtrack for your next angsty waft.

This Charlie Puth song is a lot like all the other recent Charlie Puth songs, but it’s quite good!!!!! And while we’re here, I still like that new one he did for Katy Perry!

Halsey’s released a new tune. Funnily enough I was listening to Colours yesterday and remembering how I never think of Halsey as a top-tier fave, but she sporadically delivers in spades. Graveyard is decent too! A quieter follow-up to Nightmare, and we’ll see if I still remember anything about it in 24 hours’ time, but I’m intrigued in wherever this new era is going.

Gabrielle Aplin took me by complete surprise a couple of years ago when she released one of the best songs of 2017 in Waking Up Slow, and I’m pleased that she’s continued along that more overtly ~pop route~ ever since, even if she hasn’t quite matched that particular triumph every time. Kintsugi is lifted from her long-long-long-overdue next album, out early next year, and it’s a right cute little bop. Nice to hear her having fun, you know?

I love Emily Burns – Cheat and Cool are both 10s, ‘imo’ – and she’s back today with another new track, My Town. This isn’t a song that really sucker punches you on first listen, so it’s getting overshadowed a bit in the grand scheme of the NMF excitement, but you can bet I’ll come back and give it a proper deep dive over the weekend.

Elsewhere, Ella Henderson is back, after popping up on a Jax Jones track last week. Glorious feels too quickly-unveiled after that to be a proper ‘lead single’? It also doesn’t sound like a massively impactful song to kickstart her long-overdue return (Chapter One was five years ago now). But as a pure “hello remember me” taste-maker, it teases an interesting new direction.

I literally just heard this Silver Sphere song on the PopJustice NMF playlist and WHEW it’s big!

And finally (I won’t go into the new Charli and Emeli Sande albums because, well, albums)… DES’REE!

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