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What’s This Then?

Electric Angels is named after a lyric in the somewhat niche yet completely amazing Girls Aloud song Memory Of You, released as a B-side in 2009 and initially only listenable if you A) bought the 7-inch vinyl(!) version of The Loving Kind, or B) …went on YouTube. Kimberley Walsh talks about “25 electric angels dancing in the rain” in the first verse, which sounds kinda profound, doesn’t it; and that’s literally all there is to the site’s name. If it sounds like the name of a sex toy range, that’s a goddamn coincidence. has been launched by Shaun Kitchener (hi yes that’s me!) as a way of essentially gossiping into the void about pop culture. I’ve been an “ents” “journalist” since 2011, and was the online Entertainment Editor for a major UK newspaper until a couple of years ago, when I decided to Go Solo. By which I mean freelance. If I’m Nadine Coyle, this is my Tesco deal (?). I also currently write pop culture columns for Metro.

For what it’s worth, I’m a scriptwriter and currently work for Channel 4/E4’s brilliant Hollyoaks, and do theatre stuff too. Find me on Twitter @ShaunKitchener and obviously follow Electric Angels at @_ElectricAngels

You can email if you fancy it.