100 songs of the decade: Your Body – Christina Aguilera

 100 songs of the decade: Your Body – Christina Aguilera

Written by: Savan Kotecha, Max Martin, Shellback and Tiffany Amber
Produced by: Max Martin and Shellback
Album: Lotus
UK release: November 2012
UK chart peak: 16

Christina Aguilera certainly brought the memes with the Lotus era, if not the sales: #BuyLotusOniTunes is still iconic, as is the GIF from this very song’s music video of her enthusiastically clicking a PC mouse.

But despite seeing a big drop in commercial performance from her heyday, Your Body remains a truly enormous banger; Aguilera passionately howling for a good dicking over roaring electropop production from Max Martin and Shellback. That middle-8? WHEW!!!!

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