100 songs of the decade: You Bring Me Joy – Amelia Lily

 100 songs of the decade: You Bring Me Joy – Amelia Lily

Written by: Annie Yuill, Brian Higgins, Carla Marie Williams, Fred Falke, Luke Fitton, Matt Gray, Miranda Cooper, Owen Parker and Toby Scott
Produced by: Xenomania
Album: –
UK release: September 2012
UK chart peak: 2

In that brief window when anyone who made The X Factor Top 4 could count on a record deal and at least one album; it really looked like Amelia Lily was on the verge of becoming a huge power player in British pop. Little Mix were, obviously, the big success story of the 2011 season but she, Marcus Collins and Misha B seemed like they could achieve big things too.

Alas, despite signing with Xenomania, You Bring Me Joy was destined to be her first and only Top 10 hit. But what a hit it was!! Declaring that she’s “done with all the happenings” (?), the track feels like it has a slight darkness to it, despite (I think) being about love, optimism and steely determination. Her voice sounds great, Brian Higgins’ knob-twiddling is spot on (this came out only a few months before the Girls Aloud comeback – big year, big year) and gosh it would have been excellent if this was the start of a long run of smashes.

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