100 songs of the decade: Work From Home – Fifth Harmony feat. Ty Dolla $ign

 100 songs of the decade: Work From Home – Fifth Harmony feat. Ty Dolla $ign

Written by: Joshua Coleman, Dallas Koehlke, Jude Demorest, Tyrone Griffin Jr, Alexander Izquierdo and Brian Lee
Produced by: Ammo and DallasK
Album: 7/27
UK release: February 2016
UK chart peak: 2

Y’know, over the years I have continuously changed my mind about this song: is it an infectious stroke of genius, or flat, tedious dirge?

See, I kept listening to it – over and over and over and over again – but I wasn’t ever sure if I actually liked it, or if I was just oddly addicted to its basic simplicity. I was also still resentful that Fifth Harmony hadn’t continued in the same vein as the incredible Sledgehammer, but A) the sales figures speak for themselves as far as that comparison is concerned, and B) with Little Mix going more straightforwardly poppy with their Get Weird era, it made sense for 5H – their labelmates, lest we forget – to continue building on the success they won with Worth It the year before.

But anyway, long story short, I have ultimately decided to stan. It’s a shame that this moment of huge mainstream breakthrough came at the exact same time that things within the group were turning sour, but that’s #showbiz, huh. The girls all sound great on their respective solo moments (though Lauren admittedly gets the short straw), Ty Dolla $ign’s rap fits in well, and the video is without question the band’s best.

Side-note: this is when Normani really started to come into her own, isn’t it?

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