100 songs of the decade: Touch – Little Mix

 100 songs of the decade: Touch – Little Mix

Written by: Hanni Ibrahim, Patrick Patrikios, A.S. Govere and Phil Plested
Produced by: MNEK
Album: Glory Days
UK release: January 2017
UK chart peak: 4

The Glory Days era was definitely Little Mix at their most powerful: it was HIT after HIT after HIT after HIT.

Touch, with MNEK at the wheel, is the best of the bunch: it’s a massively energetic tropical-pop banger with a chorus the size of a planet. The amped-up harmonies are wonderful, on both the chorus and the middle-8; and there’s great Ballad Into Banger (BIB) action whenever it’s merged with the acoustic version in live performances (case in point: this US TV sing-song).

These days a Top 5 placement for any song feels like a triumph, but Touch? Oh, Touch really should have been No1.

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