100 songs of the decade: Scared Of The Dark – Steps

 100 songs of the decade: Scared Of The Dark – Steps

Written by: Carl Ryden and Fiona Bevan
Produced by: The Alias and Carl Ryden
Album: Tears On The Dancefloor
UK release: March 2017
UK chart peak: 37

With a few exceptions (All Saints, for one), I think time has taught us to set our expectations low when an act from Way, Way Back When comes back with new music. So it was a truly exciting day to be a millennial pop stan when Steps returned in 2017 with this almighty piece of drama.

We all did The Most over it on Twitter, it rocketed to the top of the iTunes singles chart (this was probably the very last point at which that chart was remotely relevant) and it paved the way for a triumphant new album from one of my best-loved acts from childhood.

To cap it all off, this was also the year I wrote, produced and directed a sell-out, unofficial Steps musical (!), which was truly one of the most joyful experiences of my life; and also the year they went on their glittery Party On The Dancefloor Tour, which had probably the best atmosphere of any show I’ve been to.

  • I’ll be writing about my favourite 100 pop songs of the decade; one a day for the last 100 days of 2019. They’re in no particular order, except the Top 10 – which will (obviously) come in late December.
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