100 songs of the decade: Once – Diana Vickers

 100 songs of the decade: Once – Diana Vickers

Written by: Cathy Dennis and Eg White
Produced by: Mike Spencer
Album: Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree
UK release: April 2010
UK chart peak: 1

REMEMBER the excitement when, over a year after her X Factor elimination (and imagine if the final had been her with JLS and Alexandra Burke, instead of Eoghan Quigg with JLS and Alexandra Burke), Diana Vickers finally made her mark with a chart-topping song AND album.

I do think that, on the whole, D-Vix is better suited to the gentle electropop of her second album than she is to the much ~bigger production of songs like this, but… dammit, it’s just such an ace track, and the perfect one with which to launch her attempt at pop stardom. Obviously Eg White and Cathy Dennis know their way around a blistering pop anthem, and this kiss-off is a slam-dunk; built around one very simple-but-effective lyrical hook. If only it were the first of many No1 smashes.

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