100 songs of the decade: Number One Fan – MUNA

 100 songs of the decade: Number One Fan – MUNA

Written by: MUNA
Produced by: MUNA and Mike Crossey
Album: Saves The World
UK release: June 2019
UK chart peak: –

Self-love has become a go-to theme in pop this decade, and whilst that’s all good as far as #empowerment is concerned, it has been rare that a track has come along and made it into something truly fresh and exciting. Enter MUNA.

The group start Number One Fan in a disarmingly negative space (“So I heard the bad news, nobody likes me and I’m gonna die alone”) before sharply zooming out (“Wouldn’t you like if I believed those words?”) – and across the course of the song, they tell that relentless inner saboteur inside all of us that those dark, self-loathing thoughts will be trounced. “I’ve been looking at myself in the mirror, saying ‘don’t leave me now’,” says the pre-chorus; before things descend into a strut-a-long, outwardly confident refrain.

MUNA have become one of my favourite bands (if not… my very favourite band?) over the last few years, and this first taste from their second album Saves The World was the only sign I needed that they would continue being incredible for the long-term.

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