100 songs of the decade: Night Changes – One Direction

 100 songs of the decade: Night Changes – One Direction

Written by: Jamie Scott, Julian Bunetta, John Ryan, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson
Produced by: Jamie Scott, Julian Bunetta, John Ryan
Album: Four
UK release: November 2014
UK chart peak: 7

History will be kind to the One Direction phenomenon, I think: they came out with some wall-to-wall anthems during their time as the most powerful music act in the world, and although anyone who cynically says it was all manufactured by committee is probably correct, it doesn’t make the choruses any less memorable, the (pardon the phrase) X Factor the five of them had any less lightning-in-a-bottle, or the memories it gave millions and millions of young people any less special.

Night Changes is… probably not one of their best-known hits. Not even close. But it’s my favourite, at least: it’s the kind youthful, sweet-hearted love song the boys did best, but this time without all the bells and whistles of, say, What Makes You Beautiful and Steal My Girl. Harry’s voice is perfectly suited to this sort of thing (in fairness he could sing a Westboro Baptist Church flyer and I’d love it) and it’s also a fitting farewell for Zayn, who left just a few months later. Low-key by 1D standards, but maybe… more special as a result?

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