100 songs of the decade: I Am Not A Robot – Marina

 100 songs of the decade: I Am Not A Robot – Marina

Written by: Marina Diamandis
Produced by: Liam Howe
Album: Family Jewels
UK release: April 2010
UK chart peak: 38

OK, OK, I Am Not A Robot was technically first put out into the world in 2009, but!!! It wasn’t officially serviced as a single until early 2010, so I’m counting it as a fully-legit song of this decade.

Marina – then still Marina and the Diamonds – bears her soul on this gorgeous track; a top-drawer pop ballad with a clear sense of identity from the artist (I just read one critic comparing her vocal wobbles in the second verse to “Florence sat on a washing machine” and I am DEAD).

Fun trivia: When I saw her live at the tiny Norwich Waterfront in 2010, she stopped half-way through this song and refused to continue until the drunk guy in the audience shouting “BUT I AM A ROBOT!!!” was removed. And honestly, fair enough.

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