100 songs of the decade: Happiness – Alexis Jordan

 100 songs of the decade: Happiness – Alexis Jordan

Written by: Joel Zimmerman, Mikkel S. Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen, Autumn Rowe and Petr Brdičko
Produced by: Stargate and Joel Zimmerman
Album: Alexis Jordan
UK release: October 2010
UK chart peak: 3

Alexis Jordan really is The One That Got Away, isn’t she? She released three absolute belters – Happiness, Good Girl and Hush Hush – provided the chorus for one of Sean Paul’s better singles, and then… nothing. Truly cruel.

Happiness, her debut, is just a classic; there’s no two ways about it. The “mmm-mmm-mmm” pace-setters? The “quick! quick! quick!”? The way the power behind the titular word in the chorus grows from “haaaaappiness” to “HAAAAAA!! PINEEYEYEYEEESSS!!!” as the song progresses? Exquisite!

Fuck, this is such an eternal banger. COME BACK, ALEXIS! SAVE US ONCE MORE!

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