100 songs of the decade: Good As Hell – Lizzo

 100 songs of the decade: Good As Hell – Lizzo

Written by: Melissa ‘Lizzo’ Jefferson and Ricky Reed
Produced by: Ricky Reed
Album: Coconut Oil
UK release: March 2016
UK chart peak: 7

One of the most successful and buzzworthy stars of this last year of the decade has – without question – been Lizzo. But the twist, of course, is that a lot of her newfound mainstream success has come courtesy of songs that have been kicking around for aeons. Good As Hell – which is just this month hitting chart peaks on both side of the Atlantic – is the lip sync track that sent Monet X Change home on her first Drag Race season in 2018, and it was already two years old then.

Truth Hurts perhaps has better lyrics and Juice cleverly parks her tanks on Bruno Mars’s lawn, but Good As Hell just feels like the perfect Lizzo calling card. Driving home her core message of self-love in the face of whatever fuckery life may throw, it never at any point sounds trite or contrived – despite its Boots-advert-ready production. Long may the Lizzo reign continue.

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