100 songs of the decade: Ghost – Ella Henderson

 100 songs of the decade: Ghost – Ella Henderson

Written by: Ella Henderson, Ryan Tedder, Kenan Williams and Noel Zancanella
Produced by: Ryan Tedder and Noel Zancanella
Album: Chapter One
UK release: June 2014
UK chart peak: 1

Ella Henderson‘s X Factor elimination – which came after a bottom-two battle against James Arthur – is one of the all-time biggest shitshows in the shitshow-laden show’s history. But she seemed to have the last laugh when she popped up 18 months later with this banger, not long after James appeared to send his own career down the pan (now, of course, another 5 years down the line, Ella is on the back foot again and James is back in business, but STILL!).

I did wonder, back in 2k14, if Glow would be the Ella song that aged the best, and it has aged very well but Ghost has the advantage of not only being a massively good song, but also being a bloody MOMENT. The biggest-selling single of that summer, it’s one of the last great Tedderbangers; it’s Leona x Adele with a pinch more effervescence. The lyrics are a little ridiculous (going to the river to pray? Yeah sure, why not) but it doesn’t particularly matter when it all sounds so epic. That last chorus? UGH!

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