100 songs of the decade: Crying For No Reason – Katy B

 100 songs of the decade: Crying For No Reason – Katy B

Written by: Katy B, Gordon Warren and Guy Chambers
Produced by: Geeneus
Album: Little Red
UK release: January 2014
UK chart peak: 5

I have a PETTY CONFESSION: it took me a while to get into Katy B because her first single was Katy On A Mission and I was – via some absolutely batshit logic – pissed that it was ~overshadowing the already under-rated On A Mission by Gabriella Cilmi.


By the time the Little Red era rolled around, though, I was all in. I was living in North London at the time and I remember listening to it constantly. It reminds me of long walks to and from Alexandra Palace station, of train delays from Bowes Park, of walking past the bouncers on the door of Wood Green Primark(!)…

Crying For No Reason wasn’t the first single from that album (that was the excellent 5AM), but it felt like a real Moment for Katy: it added a new layer to her discography and gave her some bonus crossover appeal after the more explicitly garage-based stuff she’d done before. It’s an excellent track; written and performed beautifully, and it still sounds amazing in big old 2019.

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