100 songs of the decade: Call Your Girlfriend – Robyn

 100 songs of the decade: Call Your Girlfriend – Robyn

Written by: Robyn, Alexander Kronlund and Klas Åhlund
Produced by: Klas Åhlund, Billboard and Jayce Lewis
Album: Body Talk
UK release: June 2011
UK chart peak: 55

Would you disown me if I admitted I hadn’t fully got into Robyn until very recently? I loved Dancing On My Own at the time, but the rest of that whole Body Talk era – whew, where WAS I? (Answer: making up the one-person corner of social media known as ‘Pixie Lott Twitter’).

Call Your Girlfriend is magnificent danceable angst, and my favourite thing about it is I never really twig when a verse is becoming a bridge and a bridge is becoming a chorus until we get back to the “Call your girlfriend, it’s time you had the talk” line, the cycle starts again, and all that matters is the FEELINGS.

Plus the VIDEO! A lesson in keeping it simple but amazing. 11/10.

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