100 songs of the decade: All Fired Up – The Saturdays

 100 songs of the decade: All Fired Up – The Saturdays

Written by: Tim Deal, Brian Higgins, Matt Gray, Annie Yuill, Nick Dresti, Miranda Cooper and Xenomania
Produced by: Xenomania and MNEK
Album: On Your Radar
UK release: September 2011
UK chart peak: 3

Although it doesn’t feel like The Saturdays left much of a footprint on British pop, they really did deliver some exceptional bops during their time together: I’ve already talked about Higher, but All Fired Up is – in my opinion at least – their all-time best.

During the Girls Aloud hiatus, Xenomania leant their skills to the girlband covering their shift, and it really suits them. At first I thought All Fired Up was a bit dull; its chorus a bit too much of an anticlimax. But its steady, thumping nature is its biggest asset – this isn’t a euphoric, 8pm, on-our-way-to-the-bar banger; it’s a 2am, I-can-barely-see-anymore banger. And who doesn’t love that?

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